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How much can you earn with DesignedVr

Maximize Your Rental Income with Our Flexible Programs

Boost your annual revenue by 20% with our proprietary revenue management system. Take advantage of our powerful distribution capabilities across 50+ channels.

Second Income Source

Having a second home in a desirable area can be turned into a rental property and become a second source of income

Expense Write Offs

For tax purposes, a second home rented for 14(+) days is considered a business. As a result, you can deduct many expenses associated with keeping up with and repairing the property.

Increase In Value

An investment in a vacation rental can be a sound financial strategy. The value of real estate tends to increase over time in popular vacation locations.

Success Stories

Boost your annual revenue by 20% with our proprietary revenue management system. Take advantage of our powerful distribution capabilities across 50+ channels.

“I was intrigued by the idea of Airbnb investments but with so many things already on my plate I knew it wouldn’t be something I could do on my own. I now own few vacation rental homes that are managed by Designedvr and I enjoy seeing great guest reviews about customer service and we have seen an increase in revenue year after year”

Ariel, host in Boca Raton

Ariel, host in Boca Raton

Booking Partners Include

The Homeowner’s Portal

DesignedVR’s owner dashboard, you can see the booking price per booking and the occupancy rate.

DesignedVR homeowner portal

Added benefits for your home & guests

Browse our collection of stunning 3D tours and find your perfect vacation home. With our easy check-out process, booking your dream getaway has never been easier.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Utilizing the vacation rental industry as well as our team’s interior design expertise, we help

Full home renovations

Full Home Renovations

When you work with DesignedVR you have access to our unparalleled full home renovations.

Linen program

Linen Program

Our Linen Program provides the best quality sheets and towels for vacation rental homes.


Discover answers to common queries about vacation rental management.

What is the best Real Estate Investment strategy for me?

There are many options when it comes to Real Estate Investment strategies. Simply put – It all depends on how much time and money you want to put in. DesignedVR can help you find the right investment property for you. It is what we do.

How do I find a profitable investment property?

To find a profitable investment property, you need to consider things such as City, Neighborhood, property, and more. When you partner with DesignedVR, we will find you the perfect property using our dedicated team of professionals.

Do I need a real estate agent when buying an investment property?

Where you can purchase an investment property on your own, It is recommended that you use a real estate agent when purchasing a property. Partnering with DesignedVR gives you access to our intricate real estate agent network, helping us find the most profitable property for you.

What if a tenant causes damage to my property?

DesignedVR’s 360° style management handles everything, giving you peace of mind. We do everything from collecting a security deposit at the time of check-in to dealing with property damage after check-out.

Invest in Vacation Rental Properties with DesignedVR

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Invest in Vacation Rental Properties with DesignedVR