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Buy a vacation home

We are a real estate investment brokerage who uses a client-focused approach in all transactions. we have multiple locations across the Florida East Coast. We specialise in Vacation Rental properties, assisting our buyers through every aspect of the transaction.


Based on your purchase budget, financing options, and personal interests, we'll suggest specific renovation plan that will make sure to be cost effective and will maximise the average annual short-term rental income.


Our interior design team will visit your property and implement a design plan for optimising its attraction to guests and to create stunning photos sure to book! Complete furnishing, sleek decorating and stocking of amenities of empty properties,-professionally organising kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

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Buy a vacation home

  1. Pick area where we can file all licensees and are 100% Kosher

  2. Target houses/buildings that will be attractive as vacation rental

  3. Buy under value, we will fire multiple contrats and will negotiate the deal for you trying to buy houses 15% under market value.


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Recent Projects

This home was empty and listed on the market for sale with little movement.  A gem in the vacation home market!

1217 Seabreeze Blvd - 01.jpg

This home was purchased as an investment home, with few adjustment it was turned into a luxury villa.

Fort Lauderdale Beach House

This property is a converted hotel that the owner renovated and wished to use it as boutique vacation rentals on the beach


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