Investment Brokerage Service

Shahar goldboim LLC is a real estate investment brokerage who uses a client-focused approach in all transactions. we have multiple locations across the Florida East Coast. We specialize in Vacation Rental properties, assisting our buyers through every aspect of the transaction.

Investing Strategy


Pick areas where we can file for all licenses so the investment is 100% kosher

Property types

Target houses or building that will be attractive as a vacation rental, we prefer houses or buildings since there is more control over the asset


House market value, trying to buy 15% off market price.

 High vacation rental revenue forecast based on comparables

How It Works?
Finding good deals

Constantly searching for

good investment opportunities in our area

Investment Report

Create a report with all of the expected expenses and income for

the property

Send Contract

Once the report is approved we send an initial offer trying to get the house for as less as possible


"ping-pong" with the seller to get 

him to the decided price range

Sign Contract

Once the price is right we will create a final contract


The house must go through a thorough​  inspection 

Close Deal

We will finalize everything for you and close the deal

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